How To Download and Install Lucky Patcher App

Do you find it frustrating to make several in-app purchases for premium features of the apks? True, there are many apks available today that require in-app purchase, if you are looking at getting the high-end features in the same apk. However, a question to ask yourself here is: How much will I make here? To skip the stage of the in-app purchase, here’s an app you can use with all the high-end apk features when you Download and Install Lucky Patcher.

Defining the Lucky Patcher App

Here’s the new entrant that solves all your in-app purchase hacks and modifications on both Android and iOS platforms. It can solve any fix and in-app purchase bypass at no extra cost. Though it’s not primarily aimed at cracking codes, yet it does come with several features that manipulate apps that allow you to do certain operations which could be useful.

Now, it is universally available on all devices supported by Android and iOS. So, you needn’t switch your phone to this wonderful tool. It modifies mobile apps and games by getting over the play stores’ license verification that you might want to surpass. In this way, you can get to enjoy the best app experience where surfing is considered, absolutely free!

Uses of Lucky Patcher:

Lucky Patcher has several uses, such as:

  • It can bypass any app available in Google Play Store
  • You can use it to remove banners and advertisements
  • It can help clone apps and backups
  • You can get infinite lifetime access to all premium features
  • You can get stable app modifications and patches
  • It is available all over the world and in many languages
  • You can get reliable customer support 24×7
  • You can use it to hack app purchase and payment for subscription by just using one click

To use this app, one needs to have a rooted device. This is easy if you have tools such as KingRoot or  TowelRoot, though you may not be adept at this subject. After installing and running the app, you will receive a list of all the apps you have installed along with their capabilities and a colour code on the title that points to their compatibility with Lucky Patcher when performing specific functions. For instance:

Green: Can be disconnected from Google Play Store and registered

Yellow: It comes with a specific patch

Blue: It comes with Google Ads

Purple: This is a system startup app

Orange: Yet another system app

Red: This cannot be modified.

Features of Lucky Patcher Apk:

These are the features of this amazing tool:

  • With Lucky Patcher Apk, Google ads in any app can be blocked.
  • All preinstalled apps from your phone that are difficult to remove can be done so with this app.
  • License verification from any app can also be removed using this app.
  • If you want to move an app from your phone memory to the phone’s external memory, you can now do it with the Lucky Patcher using just one click.
  • To update an app from the source app, use Lucky Patcher Apk.
  • By getting a custom patch to a particular app, you can get a professional version of it.
  • Lastly, you can make in-app purchases without informing Google Play Store about it.

How to download Lucky Patcher:

# 1: Download the Installer. Go to the Download Page and click on the latest version of the Lucky Patcher app. Click this button and the download will begin.

# 2:  Extract/unzip the downloaded file. Zip or compress the apk file so that it does not give off any malware warning in your browsers.

# 3: With the help of X-plore File manager or ES File Explorer app, open the zip file. Here, you will find the apk file.

How to install Lucky Patcher:

# 4: Open the apk file to start the installation process. If a warning pops up, click “Install anyway”. Once this is complete, you will have installed this app successfully.

What to do after installing Lucky Patcher App:

In order to bypass Google Play Store Harmful app warning to uninstall the Lucky Patcher app, just disable “Play Protect” on Google Play Store so that this warning is hidden. An option to this is to click “Keep Anyway (unsafe)” button.

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